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Keel Toys

  • SB5429

    SB5429: 25cm Sherwood Cuddly Soft Teddy Bear

    25cm Sherwood Cuddly Soft Teddy Bear

  • SB4393 (904x1000)

    SB4393: 25cm Traditional Bear with Ribbon

    25cm Traditional Bear with Ribbon

  • SF0350 (925x1024)

    SF0350: 25cm Glitter Gems Kitten

    25cm Glitter Gems Kitten

  • SF0349 (925x1024)

    SF0349: 25cm Glitter Gems Puppy

    25cm Glitter Gems Puppy

  • SF0348 (925x1024)

    SF0348: 30cm Glitter Gems Unicorn

    30cm Glitter Gems Unicorn

  • SF0347 (925x1024)

    SF0347: 18cm Glitter Gems Unicorn

    18cm Glitter Gems Unicorn

  • SF0346 (925x1024)

    SF0346: 25cm Glitter Gems Bear with Heart

    25cm Glitter Gems Bear with Heart

  • SF0345 (925x1024)

    SF0345: 16cm Glitter Gems Bear with Heart

    16cm Glitter Gems Bear with Heart

  • SF0967 (925x1024)
  • SF0970 (925x1024)
  • SF0321 (723x800)

    SF0321: 14cm Pippins Chimp

    14cm Pippins Chimp

  • SF0969 (925x1024)
  • SF0968 (925x1024)
  • SF4873 (723x800)

    SF4873: 14cm Pippins Unicorn

    14cm Pippins Unicorn

  • SF4872 (723x800)

    SF4872: 14cm Pippins Crocodile

    14cm Pippins Crocodile

  • SF4874 (904x1000)

    SF4874: 14cm Pippins Hippo

    14cm Pippins Hippo

  • SF0319 (904x1000)

    SF0319: 14cm Pippins Penguin

     14cm Pippins Penguin

  • SF4886 (723x800)

    SF4886: 14cm Pippins Giraffe

    14cm Pippins Giraffe

  • SF0322 (904x1000)

    SF0322: 14cm Pippins Leopard

    14cm Pippins Leopard

  • SR0699

    SR0699: 20cm Pippins Rabbit

    SR0699; 20cm Pippins Rabbit 3 Asstd

  • SF0320 (904x1000)

    SF0320: 14cm Pippins Border Collie

    14cm Pippins Border Collie

  • SF0093 (904x1000)

    SF0093: 14cm Pippins Poodle

    14cm Pippins Poodle

  • SF4868 (723x800)

    SF4868: 14cm Pippins Meerkat

    14cm Pippins Meerkat

  • SF0858 (723x800)

    SF0858: 16cm Hugasaurus

    16cm Hugasaurus 4 Asstd

  • SR0698 (723x800)

    SR0698: 16cm Supersoft Chick

    16cm Supersoft Chick

  • SR0697 (723x800)

    SR0697: 10cm Supersoft Chick

    10cm Supersoft Chick

  • SW0381 (925x1024)

    SW0381: 25cm Animotsu Fashion Asstd

    25cm Animotsu Fashion Asstd

  • SF0845 (723x800)

    SF0845: 25cm Animotsu Unicorn

    25cm Animotsu Unicorn 4 Asstd

  • SF0955 (925x1024)

    SF0955: 15cm Animotsu Giraffe

    15cm Animotsu Giraffe

  • SF0442 (925x1024)

    SF0442: 15cm Animotsu Pink Cat

    15cm Animotsu Cat

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